This is a review of Acnoc All Hybrid Essence (Acnoc All Hybrid Essence) for the Acnoc x Opu Skin Challenge campaign using Opu – a portable skin clinic. Android version

Personally, I am a person with combination skin and sensitive, sensitive to chemicals, but when I tried Acnoc All Hybrid Essence for 14 days, I really liked it. It is hypoallergenic as Acnoc All Hybrid Essence selects ingredients that are EWG (Environmental Working Group) free of alcohol, fragrances and parabens. ) With a clear yellow color, fresh scent, light, easy to blend, quickly absorbed into the skin Can be applied all over the face every morning and evening, if used in the morning, will apply Essence (essence) first, followed by sunscreen, which is sufficient and can withstand the weather of Thailand as well Because the UrbanEthic Cotton Stem Cell extract in Acnoc All Hybrid Essence helps protect the skin from the sun. And pollution with secondary metabolism that stimulates the defense mechanism of stem cells to create a skin barrier. Including extracts Pore min-Ex can tighten pores. And clearly reduce the size of the pores, Bromelain extract from pineapple can make the skin smooth and soft. And moisturized within one night It also helps with redness, blemishes and pigmentation because the special cells of pineapple can hold water for life, pure xanthone extract. And 49 natural ingredients can fight acne-causing bacteria. And prevent inflammation Along with relieving skin irritation and SWT-7 extracts can reduce all kinds of wrinkles. Strengthen the skin Return youthfulness back to the skin.

It can be said that this bottle of Acnoc All Hybrid Essence (Acnoc All Hybrid Essence) is an Essence (Essence) that truly lives up to its name.