This is a review of Acnoc All Hybrid Essence for the Acnoc x Opu Skin Challenge campaign using Opu – a portable skin clinic. Android version

I’ve tried it.😄

Must first introduce that In the second year, allergic to heavy cream Inflamed acne full face After that, I became very sensitive to skin. Acne is chronic, acne scars, red marks are complete until I find Acnoc to study and recommend us to try it. Is not dare to try anything on the face as much? Because of acne, a difficult friend, ready to invade us. But after trying to study the product I was unable to join the project in time. The first time I smelled it, I realized that this medicine Absolutely no perfume. Transparent yellow body The most favorite is the bottle. Locked by turning on the indenter. Plus, there is a cover again as well.
After using it for a few days, it feels that the clogged acne gradually comes off when washing the face. It is very easy. Some pushed them out. The one that is purulent / inflamed One day is gone.

In conclusion, 14 days of trying Acnoc, I know that it has passed.