If you are one of those who are struggling with the steps to apply the cream and have to wait 1-2 minutes to allow the cream to seep and then to the next cream, I recommend Acnoc All Hybrid Essence, a complete fast-paced lifestyle product. Like me, if anyone wants to try it for free, add the line “@Opulabsth” go ahead and do a little skin test, you will get a tester to try 1 bottle like me. Basics from the 15-day trial with the next campaign Beautiful, clear skin with Acnoc (Acnoc x Opu Skin Challenge using Opu – portable skin clinic. Android version) When pressing the pump bottle, you will find a clear yellowish body with a mild mangosteen scent, probably from the extracted mangosteen peel. The serum is absorbed quickly. But it does not make the skin feel dry. As for acne, it’s better. No new acne. Old acne will gradually disappear. (Leave but the mark. 5555) Pores are smaller. The facial skin has improved. Overall, it is great. For those who have weak skin, do not worry. This serum is a research study from Kasetsart University. Which received a gold award from Silicon Valley International Invention Festival 2018, which is equivalent to the nanotechnology in this cream Was developed and invented by Thai people in our home