Review of Acnoc All Hybrid Essence with the Acnoc x Opu skin Challenge campaign using Opu – Android version of a portable clinic.
First of all, it is a mixed skin person, very sensitive, a lot of acne after trying Acnoc All Hybrid Essence in the morning and evening for 14 days, it was found that the skin of the face is clearer, the face is moisturized, the acne is reduced, the redness gradually fades. Personally, I like essence very much because it is absorbed quickly, not heavy on acne, it is really light but it will help gradually Don’t be impatient It’s actually lighter. But this time is going to be that day of the month 😂
P.S. Acne on our forehead is quite heavy. So I took it for myself But afraid of the unbelievers So take it down and paste the evidence, 555